Our Story

In recent times, a group of con-men/thieves/scamsters/criminals have been targeting the online classified sections of recreational, community based, websites and defrauding the members of their hard earned cash. 

Many of these scams are low in value, pretty much to ensure that it is a nuisance to the victims to expend more time and effort in reporting the crime and opening a fraud case against the individual(s) at their local law enforcement agencies. However when one scouts many of the affected websites, these criminals are making a pretty decent haul.

One of the main reasons as to why the criminals have been successful in their endeavours is owing to community members not having any simple way of identifying if they are dealing with a person who has already conned one of their fellow members. There are many warning posts scattered across the various community platforms providing individual members accounts of being defrauded, but this data is really difficult to search in such a format.

This project aims to rectify that by crowdsourcing data and making it accessible to potential community traders. In short we are providing a means to be able to aggregate and structure the data regarding these criminals and allow it to be searchable by community members. Information such as bank account numbers, cell numbers, names and places that have been used in these scams will be made available for easy searching.

Limitation by Nick Youngson CC
Limitation by Nick Youngson CC

We do know that this project will not prevent or necessarily stop the scams, but will at least make it just a little more difficult for these criminals as now they will be required to have access to far more bank accounts and cell numbers, the former being a little more difficult and does incur some cost.

Hopefully with the data, we will also be able to provide information to law enforcement to assist with their investigations.

What we are not:

It is most likely prudent to state that we are not a site where you can list the details of an individual where a trade went a little South owing to some disagreement in delivery or the goods not being exactly up to what was advertised. In our opinion, the community sites are still good for that and where the issue is not satisfactorily resolved, the normal civil claims procedure can be explored.

This is a site dedicated to intentional crime where no delivery was intended or took place. ie This site is for criminal activities and not civil. We appeal to you to ensure you understand the difference before logging an incident.

Please use the site responsibly. Keep it factual and at all costs avoid placing yourself in a position where you give cause for a defamation case to be brought against you.